The Timmins area, northern Ontario - Gold Properties

The Company holds a 100% interest in the following gold properties in the Timmins area of Ontario, Canada:

Ogden Township – Mining Lease 106262, comprising 6 claims, on 106.121 hectares, about 10 km south of Timmins. Includes surface rights.

Stock Township – Mining Lease 107313, comprising 20 claims, on 322.837 hectares, about 45 km ENE of Timmins (East Clavos Property)

Clergue Township – Mining Lease 106430, comprising one claim, on 16.187 hectares, about 47 km ENE of Timmins.

Walker Township – Mining Lease 106752, comprising 4 claims, on 64.952 hectares, about 53 km ENE of Timmins.

Wilkie Township – Mining Lease 106588, comprising 12 claims, on 194.249 hectares, about 60 km ENE of Timmins. Includes surface rights.

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